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They take only 4 children per class, 2 years and older.

They offer a fun and unintimidating environment with a unique approach.

Swimrite develops self-confidence and great love for water with save a buddy and stroke training (Butterfly, breast stroke, backstroke and freestyle)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Contact Hendrik at 083 384 2720


Tennis Minions is a fun tennis program specifically designed for young children aged 3-6.

This is where we give children their first experience in tennis and ensuring that this experience is fun and enjoyable.

Our objective here is simple: “Have them fall in love with Tennis”

Contact Martin Garnevski 072 853 887


Enjoying sport differently with core muscle development, gymnastics, eye-foot and hand-ball co-ordination and listening skills.

Contact: Surina 084 518 6233


Dance mouse is a fun program for boys and girls. The syllabus offers an awesome foundation to all forms of dance as well as other activities creating strong, flexible bodies.

Contact: Ingrid 071 354 9749


Their program is age specific and work in small groups to ensure your child’s individual attention and optimal benefit.

Contact Marlene at 083 357 6159


What a lovely gift to give to our children, especially when Manners4Minors makes the learning so much fun. Good manners, self respect and respect for others go hand in hand. Social skills are laid so early, the long-term benefits are priceless. (Dr Jane Cox)

Included in the school fees. From 4 year old children.

Contact: Denice 082 898 3493


We explore new, fun ways to generate enthusiasm for the English language in its entirety. We do this with reading, creative writing, drama, poetry, craft projects and academically sound.

Contact: Estelle 073 399 8465


They are committed to improve player’s soccer skills, fitness, co-ordination and confidence by coaching in a fun and constructive environment.

Contact Fabio on 011 882 3428


They aim to provide affordable, exciting and the most efficient technological education for the new generation by empowering their students to not only be successful, but to achieve significance in preparing themselves

Contact:  Eliska 071 246 6585


They have specially-prepared lessons that aim to keep the creativity strong in children by making them use their whole brain. They specialise in developing skills needed for school and life by using pottery and child-related craft lessons

Contact: Maryke 071 124 0265

Tumbling tigers

Their aim is to create a fun filled environment for children, where they can physically develop from top to toe. They help children build confidence, learn good manners, improve listening skills and teach them many more important life skills. They believe that building a healthy love for exercise and sport is essential for the future of children’s development and success.

Contact: Anica 082 802 4994


They rush between experimental theatre, dance, acrobatics, video art, visual art, singing and performance art. They aim to create attractive theatre that draws audiences by telling stories that are urgent and relevant to ‘us’.

Contact: Chloe 078 421 7975


  • This program is developed and endorsed by therapists and supported by teachers and parents.
  • It uses fun games and activities to teach emotional intelligence and life skills.
  • Age appropriate curriculums for ages 3 to 6 years.
  • Weekly 30 minute sessions at school.
  • Receive a ‘take home’ product to assist parents to instill the skills taught during the session.

Contact: Ivanka 071 121 0537


  • Parents are welcome to drop off their glass, paper, plastic and tin in the designated dustbin in front of the main entrance.

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